Revenues from the sale of Cannabis should go to tackling the lack of affordable housing and setting up drug rehab centers.
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Half of all revenues from Cannabis sales in Ontario should go to tackling the lack of affordable housing and setting up drug rehab centres says Toronto city council candidate

Toronto, October 6th, 2022:  The Ontario government is reaping a windfall in revenues from the sale of Cannabis.

The province generated more than half a billion in revenues from the Cannabis industry in the last fiscal year, according to the province’s Treasury Secretariat. Toronto municipal candidate Karlene Nation is calling for the Ontario government to dedicate half of all Cannabis revenues to building affordable rental housing and setting up drug rehab centers in cities like Toronto.

“We have a housing crisis in Toronto, especially in Spadina-Fort York,” says Nation, who is running for city council in Ward 10. “Rents are going through the roof.  Most of the housing being built are condominiums. The majority of residents cannot afford to rent condos that cost $2500 to $3000 or more per month.” More than 81,000 are on waiting lists for subsidized housing. Working class residents, working poor, seniors, people with disabilities, struggle to find affordable units to rent. The federal and Ontario governments should dedicate more of their Cannabis revenues to addressing the lack of affordable housing.

Deloitte Canada reports, that since Canada has legalized recreational cannabis in 2018, the industry has contributed $43.5 Billion To Canada’s National GDP.

Cannabis sales are a big money maker for Canada. Half of the funds generated should go back to communities to tackle serious social issues such as the lack of affordable housing and setting up rehab centers to help people to get off drugs.

 Contact:  Karlene Nation, Candidate, Toronto City Council,  Spadina-Fort York.