Fast-track affordable homes in Toronto

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. (CMHC) says Canada needs 4 to 5 million more homes by 2030 to make it more affordable for Canadians to purchase a home. It’s getting more and more difficult to find affordable homes to buy or rent. And what’s worse, governments at all levels are allowing predatory companies like the American Real Estate Firm, Blackstone, to buy up Canadian homes. This will make it more difficult for Canadians to buy a home and it will send the price of renting, through the roof. Working class people, families, seniors and people with disabilities, are being forced out of big cities because they cannot find affordable rentals. The only type of housing being built in Toronto, are condominiums that few can afford to buy or rent. We need more options for buying a home and more availability of affordable housing for rent. We need to look at rent to own options and options to buy with smaller down-payments.

Change zoning by-laws to allow for more basement apartments

We can have more affordable housing available in Toronto, if home owners are allowed to renovate their homes and rent out basement apartments. The city should remove some restrictive zoning by-laws that prevent thousands of homeowners in Toronto from renting out their basements. In Toronto, legal basement apartments must comply with a long list of by-laws to ensure they are safe. Egregious by-laws make it virtually impossible for home owners to legally rent out their basements. Some of the more onerous by-laws should be removed to allow for the renovation of homes to put in legal basement apartments.


The average condo construction in Toronto is completed in four to five years. But affordable housing revitalization development projects can take up to 15 years. Alexandra Park is a case in point. The 18-acre property is bordered by Spadina Avenue (east), Queen Street West (south), Dundas Street West (north), and Bathurst Street (west) The project was approved in 2009. Thirteen years later, construction is not completed. Alexandra Park will provide 800 hundred new rental units and hundreds of market units for purchase. The project has undergone multiple rezoning processes. Construction was slated to start in 2014.  But, it’s moving very slowly. If elected to Toronto City Council, I will make the construction of affordable housing a high priority for Toronto and get projects like Alexandra Park, completed on a timely basis.


Karlene Nation

Candiate for Toronto City Council

Spadina-Fort York